Burma Issue

The world over while we see the brutality we see Muslims turning into the goal of it. For the beyond 50 to one hundred years Muslims have come to be the depressing nation as a whole. Even at the palms of so referred to as peaceful monks of Burma and Buddhism Muslims are facing humiliation that’s a small word.

There may be many reasons to describe the miseries of the Muslim world. The primary motive is they had been divided into elements. Some rich Muslim nations do not care about every person else. Like Saudi Arabian monarchs. They are the closest friends of the individuals.

While we see internationally, we can see struggling human beings are Muslims. From the united states to Europe and the middle east to Kashmir. Muslims have been killed, and there is nobody to stop these killings. And the unhappy thing is Muslims have become the target of Muslims.

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In Pakistan, we see that within the call of jihad TTP terrorists are blasting bombs in markets and public places. In Syria, we’ve got visible the Asad forces, and isis is killing harmless people without any distinction of sect or anything. And Palestine is struggling for a long term now the arena is silent at this.

We cannot blame anyone else however ourselves. No one will come to rescue us, and no one will make us sturdy, however, we our self. We must follow the lessons of Islam and we must live with harmony. There’s no way that with out solving our variations we can acquire anything.

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