A sad incident

A female who has never stepped out of her domestic has shared her tale through snap chat, and it’s miles going viral on the social media. The way she has expressed her emotions and her observations are very interesting and hilarious on the identical time. Some human beings may have felt offended by a few comments, but these had been comments of a harmless woman no hate became intended in that feedback.

The tale changed into of her first tour in public transport. And it turned into not a worst public shipping service; it turned into Rawalpindi metros. And he or she snap chatted every part of that voyage. Her mother gave her few pieces of advice which were to help her in case she does get into a few hassle.

And also for the truth that she does now not get into a problem. The first of these points and life saving things became by no means to allow the pass of her head headscarf. As in Pakistan, human beings count on girls to have headband, and this is the way they sense safe. 2nd point turned into not to take too much money along with her.

And in keeping with her, she had best twenty rupees which had been sufficient for her to attain the vacation spot. The real point changed into the 1/3 factor, and it turned into to look as messy as you could so nobody looks at you. However there has been a pupil in college uniform who was watching her, and he or she turned into feeling stressed. All in all, it was an adventure of a burger child. However, it is a recurring matter for many around the metropolis.

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