Ace Hotel New York

Ace Hotel New York is situated at the heart of Times Square. The best pace where you can go to metro and other places. Ace Hotel New York is the blend of old and new. The main lobby is welcoming and spacious where you can sit and enjoy.

When you go to the rooms no rooms will have the same interior. Each and every room has different interior and a new look and style. The sub way trains are the best when it comes to moving around New York. Some under developed countries have also made metro trains and buses system.

But they have not been able to learn the ethics of these things. A separate cabin was made for the ladies but men occupy the places and no one bothers to ask these men to stand up and leave the seats reserved for women.

Ace Hotel New York is a place where you will have every kind of facility available. If you want to conduct a business meeting they have a hall for you. And if you are looking to spend time with kids and family they have family suits.

And if you are the one newlywed they will offer you special kind of reception if you book the room online and there will be special discount offer also available for you. The Ace Hotel New York is the place to be in.

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