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Today the JIT submitted the second report in the Supreme Court. The main features of today’s hearing were the explanation of JIT regarding the leaked picture of Hussain Nawaz and the threats received by the JIT members. The Head of the joint investigation team told the Supreme Court that they are receiving direct threats regarding the investigation of the case.

This is now apparent that the Nawaz league is not happy at all with the JIT and their proceeding related to the case. After the hearing Talal Chaudary openly raised questions and alleged JIT of biased approach. And Rana Sana Ullah also said that there will be a lot of trouble.

So the PMLN is now very clear and they are not only against the court but also against the JIT. Nehal Hashmi also has taken back his resignation and this is a clear confrontation of the court with the government which will not be good at all. One wonders why Nawaz Sharif always gets into trouble with the national institutions.

Nawaz Sharif always plays as a good cop while the rest of the party bad cop. Shahbaz Sharif yesterday said that the court should not push them against the wall. Now with the JIT chief saying that they are receiving threats is a clear indication that anything can happen.

Hussain Nawaz also said that he has filed petition about the leaked picture of himself. There are so many things which are under suspicion now but people are standing with the courts and they will support the court.

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