Amir Khan and Katrina

Amir Khan is the only man in Bollywood who relies on quality not the quantity. And we know whenever there will be a release of Amir Khan he will break the previous records at the box office. And those records will be already set by him. People love him across the orders and he is equally liked by the people in Pakistan.

Ironically in the Hindu extremist state like India all the Muslim men are heroes and they find the same kind of love and attraction from Pakistani side also. Shahrukh khan, Amir Khan have special connection to the fans in Pakistan. When Amir Khan talks about the issues of the society he talks about the issues on both sides of the border.

Amir Khan faced a lot of hate and threat in India when he made movie PK and it was a story criticizing the old religious beliefs of the society. In that movie he ironically posed different questions to the followers of all the religions about their beliefs and practices which they conduct in the name of the religion.

Amir Khan once again faced the rage when he talked about increasing hate crimes against women and minorities. And he was threatened to leave the country. They have called him agent of ISI.

Not only Amir Khan but Shahrukh Khan has faced the same hate and rage from the Indian fans. He said during an interview that he had to repeat again and again to show his fellow countrymen that he loves India and he is a true Indian.


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