Ayesha Omer at Lotte New York Palace Hotel

Lux Style Awards are the biggest Cinema Awards in Pakistan. Pakistan does not have a booming film industry but the TV and Drama of Pakistan is really high class and always set very high standards. Lux Style Awards is all about Drama and little about films as well. But it is the biggest even which is mostly hosted in Dubai.

Ayesha Umer is a rising actress and she can sing too. As most of the Pakistani female artists try to sing once in life. But Ayesha Umer could not make any impact on the TV screen. Only drama of her which got famous was not due to her acting.

It was Mumtaz who gave the life to that Drama. Ayesha Omer did an item number in a film and after that she has opted to be little bit more like Mathira. Long ago there were pictures of Ayesha Umer when nobody thought of being that bold she was way to forward.

The Lux Style Awards has become the recognition of Pakistan across the world. Although the levels does not meet with the Indians but still it is a better effort than having nothing. Pakistan is slowly moving back in reviving the Cinema and soon we will have the quality back.

But there are many things which we must keep in our mind. We have a culture and we have responsibility to represent our culture. What Ayesha Omer did was shameful and disgusting. She must have selected something else rather than such outfit.

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