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London: There a big news for the PTI supporters and Imran Khan. A really talented personality from PPP is about to join the PTI. It is none other than Qamar Uz Zaman Qaira. He is likely to join with his group the PTI and it will boost the politics of PTI in the Gujarat District. There is no doubt that if this happens it will be greatest achievement of Imran Khan and PTI.

But as the leadership will be happy to have a big name within their ranks the fans will not be happy at all. They think that the PTI has become the B group of PPP. Almost all the top members of the PTI have come from other political parties.

All of the politicians of the group will join PTI after Eid and it seems that they are looking for the response of the party leadership. PPP is ruined by the Asif Zardari and company and they are not concerned even a little bit about their politics. Asif Zardari has gathered enough money and it seems that he will live his life in peace.

Meanwhile the young followers of the PTI are not very happy at this trend. They are thinking that if the party will consist upon those corrupt and tested faces how they can expect to bring a change. Qaira may be a man with good repute but he had no courage to stand to Asif Zardari for the wrongs which they have been making.

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