Butcher and Eid

Some shocking animal news is heading your way, a massive 15 foot animal eating Alligator has been caught and killed in Florida. The incredible cattle-eating monster was caught at a farm in Okeechobee, Florida. Whether or not the gator is a state record is yet to be confirmed.

The owner of the farm had reported that cattle from his farm used to vanish in strange fashion. He added that suspicions of thievery and robberies were raised when animals used to go missing from their place.

However, the latest discovery of a monstrous Alligator in their home gives an idea of why and how the cattle got missing. Reporters and witnesses upon examining the size of the Alligator claimed that the beast might have been the eater of the poor cattle that went missing from the far.

Alligators are massive creatures, and one of the most intimidating members of the reptile class. This beast found in Florida weighed 800 pouns as confirmed during the exile process, though the exact size of the scary monster is yet to be determined. Once the exact figures of the dimensions of the gator are confirmed, researchers will then be able to have their say on whether this was a record or not.

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