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Nawaz Government and its hate towards Islamabad

Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan which is very beautiful city and has very green environment with mountains of Margalla and beautiful road structure and every thing. People from all across the country come here in connections with the jobs they are doing here in the Federal organisations of the country. Being the capital of the country the city […]

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The suffering Islamabad

Islamabad is the most beautiful city of the country. Being the capital city it can be compared to any city of the world and it is the only planned city of Pakistan. During the rule of President Ayub Khan the capital city was shifted from Karachi to Islamabad. The population of Islamabad contains people from all parts of the country […]

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A huge anaconda found in Nepal

Snakes are very dangerous creatures and specially if they are huge in size they become very dangerous and known as Pythons or anacondas. These snakes are found in many places of the world and not in the Nepal. The question is how it appears here and it has created an interesting research for the zoologists the way this specie of […]

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Man Vs Wild – Encounter in India

Since centuries, animal hunting has been a regular trait of man.Hunting in wildlife and hunting of feral animals has been the most frequently practiced method implemented by humans for food, clothes, utensils, or even trade. In the modern day world, hunting has been categorized into lawful and unlawful huntings. Animals eligible to be hunted down include mammals and birds, and […]

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Young man encounters anaconda

When it comes to giant and wild animals, you may be thinking lions are only barbaric animals. However you are wrong. Have you ever seen anaconda eating a alive man? If no this experiment is going to shock you. In today‚Äôs video we will see how a man from Discovery channel tried to mess with Anaconda snakes. Anaconda is one […]

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