A CCTV camera in Washroom of a Petrol Pump

Ladies are blackmailed nowadays based on the movies and pictures which they percentage with someone at the net. There are gangs which are operating at the FB and that they get close to the ladies and ask for the pics and motion pictures. Later on, they edit these photographs and blackmail women. Many women have turn out to be the prey of these types of boys.

Because our society will now not pay attention to the female and parents and brothers of the lady will suppose that she has accomplished something wrong. The female would possibly also be killed with the aid of her brothers. The police and the FIA in Pakistan are operating now day and night time simply to make sure that not anything extra like this happens.

The legal guidelines are being legislated to forestall this sort of blackmailing and fraud. The women harassment invoice is already inside the assembly and actually is accepted. The subsequent step inside the bill is the implementation of it. Some other factors which the women and women wish to be cautious of including the change rooms of the shopping malls.

Women ought to try now not to exchange their cloths within the change rooms because you could in no way realize which you are being recorded by using a few hidden digital camera inside the change room. this video is simply to reveal you ways it’s miles completed and whilst once your video is being recorded they will blackmail you for cash and other profits. it is better no longer to take the risk or make certain before you undress that there are not any hidden cameras inside the trade room at the back of the mirrors.

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