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London: Pakistan and Indian forces are in fight at the Line of Control. The Indians are frustrated over the increasing tension in the valley after they murdered a freedom fighter. They always blame Pakistan for the insurgency and they do not know that the Kashmiri people do not want to stay with the Indians.

Meanwhile the Pakistani forces have never escalated the situation and they are always ready to defend their part of the land from Indian aggression. The Indian soldiers are worried over their condition in Kashmir and the world is starting to acknowledge the struggle of Kashmiri people in Kashmir.

Pakistan has always supported the cause of Kashmir and for the right of self-determination they have always raised their voice for the rights of Kashmiri people. India must know that they cannot suppress the demand of freedom of people of Kashmir.

Kashmir is the integral part of Pakistan and they cannot separate it from the hearts of Kashmiris. Kashmiri people wrap their martyrs in Pakistani flag. They chant the slogans of Pakistani cricket team and they are always supporting the Pakistanis at every level. How can we leave Kashmiris alone?

Pakistan army have supported the Kashmir cause and people of Pakistan are ready to die for the Kashmir. It has always been a privilege to fight in the Kashmir Jihad for every Pakistani. But the scenario has changed a lot now and only political support is possible. Pakistani government has not done enough to support the Kashmir cause.

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