Chai wala has done it finally

Internet really does change lives. This has become a truth for Arshad Khan teh famous Chai wala. It was a random click of a lady in Bazar and she casually uploaded it on the Instagram. And that was it after it the whole world had gone crazy for this Chai Wala.

He was trending on the social media and every TV channel was running behind him just to take his interview. The man himself was very worried that what has happened and why everyone is going crazy for him. Girls were flocing there just to have a snap with him.

He decided to flee as he was not sure that what has happened. Then someone told him that he has become famous for his looks and greens eyes. And he was approached by the media and news channels. He was overwhelmed after what has happened with him.

It was a fortune change for him and an overnight change in the fortune. Arshad Khan became famous and he was offered a contract by a firm launching their brand. He was interviews and there he answered a question about his future. He said that he would not work in movie as it is not according to the norms of his family.

But when you see a lot of money coming than compromise with things can be done. Arshad Khan is now working in a movie and few snaps are released of him. It seems that he has rethought about his norms and resolution of his career.

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