Change in society

Pakistan is a society where law is to keep the rich and strong people safe from the rage of poor people. But some things get out of control and the top elite also faces the brutality at the hands of the law. Law comes after the justice is established in a society and it protects the balance in society.

But a society where people who are ruling the society have established law to serve them it is used to curb the poor people. The result of this continuous oppression of the people result in the bloodshed and outrage. If that bloodshed and outrage is controlled by an intelligent mind it can be changed into a revolution.

All the revolutions of the human’s history have evolved from the rage of the common people. When they understood that there is a web being waved around them. It looks beautiful but in reality it is to keep them encaged than the people of a certain society react.

If that reaction is channelized and converted into positive energy than we can say that there is a chance of major change in a society. Looking at the ground conditions now a days around the world we can see that there is an order in the world. And that hidden order is something which is always kept in balance.

Some people might not believe in conspiracy theories but there is something true behind these things. The capitalism is the system which has destroyed the world. And they have used some terms to show people that they really care for the people.

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