Chelsea Cloisters and Jeeto Pakistan

London: With the arrival of the Holy Month of Ramadan Muslims all around the world prepare for fasting and observing the holy month according to the instructions given by the God. But there are commercial people among the Pakistani TV channels who anxiously wait for the occasion because it becomes a cash time for them.

In the name of the Ramadan transmissions they conduct different game shows and give people prizes and money and many other things. Fahad Mustafa with Jeeto Pakistan has set the trend and he is far better than Amir Liaqat and many other. There is no match to him and the energy which he brings to the show is marvelous.

Amir Liaqat was a competition for Fahad Mustafa but he has made a bad reputation of himself in the past couple of years and especially after joining the MQM and leaving the party he has lost all the respect. He is now conducting his show from BOL TV network but one thing is for sure people still follow his show.

Fabiha Sherazi a support girl in the show of fahad Mustafa is breaking the internet with her looks. And it will not be very late that she gets the role in some TV Drama or something else. Her pictures are going viral and she is becoming famous.

Just like that internet makes people famous overnight and forgets them immediately. The Chai Wala craze is the biggest example of it. The life lived after getting viral on the social media is very short.

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