Children cases

Crime against Children are not reported most of the times. Children who face these crimes exhibit violent behavior in future and they face permanent psychological damage. But there is way we can protect our children and we can educate them about it in a certain way.

People often say that these kind of things do not happen in our society. And they trust the neighbors and close relatives with children.  And it is mostly the close neighbors and relatives who take advantage of the trust and molest children.

Incest is not issue of a particular society. Psychopaths are found all across the world and you cannot identify them. So there is a program for parents to teach them how to train children against such kind of assault and abuse. We must give confidence to children so that they could report something of that kind.

In our society people will not talk about these things easily and these things will happen without anyone being charged. The legislation is also very weak to stop these crimes and police often tries to make a patch up between the two parties.

Sometimes these cases are fake and those who make allegations are never punished. So a lot of work is needed to be done in this respect so that the children of everyone remain safe. And if anyone tries to take advantage he or she should be made an example for the society. This is a good initiative in India where they are trying to teach parents.

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