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London: There is a huge crisis in the Middle east. Seven Nations have broke their ties with Qatar a country with relatively better situation of the human rights and other things in the Middle east. The ties were broken after an allegation by the Saudi Arabi that the Qatari Royals have supported Iran and other terrorist organisations in the region,

But when we listen to the allegations put forward by the Saudi Arabia and other states of the Gulf it is nothing but an addition to the already set mind to destroy a nation. The Saudi family leading the country seems to have lost their minds. Since Shah Salman took as King everything has changed,

There was not that much tension in the Arab world like now. There is war in all of the middle eastern region and Saudi Arabia is involved in one way or another in all these wars against Muslims. Some peopel accuse that it is UAE persuading everyone against Qatar because it is a  competitor in the region of the UAE.

Fortunately the other Muslim countries have step forward and they are supporting the Qatar in every way they can. Turkish parliament has passed a resolution allowing the deployment of the Turkish army in the Qatar. So the game is now little bit open.

The blocks and the shift in the international politics is obvious. The American Block is on one side and the Russian block is on another side. Pakistan will have to stay neutral which is very difficult to achieve.

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