Death of Abdul Sattar Edhi  

Abdul Sattar Edhi the father of Pakistan died yesterday. He was the savior of humanity and the greatest human being ever born. People of Pakistan see him as father and he alone has done so much which our state was not able to do with all the might power and resource.

Edhi had only one goal in his life and that was to serve the humanity. He migrated to Pakistan after partition and he started working in the cloth market. Once there was a fight in the market and a man got wounded. People gathered around that injured man but no one tried to rescue him.

Abdul Sattar Edhi at that point rescued that man and he knew after that point what the mission of his life was. Abdul Sattar Edhi begged for some money from people and bought a van which he converted into an Ambulance and from there the journey of serving the humanity started.

The man left a lesson for everyone and the last massage which he left was the donation of his eyes. His eyes are not closed. He will be watching the world through the eyes which he donated after his death. He was given the protocol of the state and he was only the third man who was given the Military protocol.

This was the respect which nation paid to him, but he is not dead and he will never be dead. Abdul Sattar Edhi is living and he will be living for ever. We wish that we can have the heart of Abdul Sattar.

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