Docklands Lodge

Social media has the power to change life of anyone overnight. And we have recently seen some of the people who got famous due to social media and as soon as they got famous they became unknown once again. The famous case of Chai wala is in front us.

A random girl took a random picture of a tea seller and she uploaded that picture on the instagram account and that was it. People got crazy over his eyes and every TV channel was on hunt for him and everyone was looking to take interview of him.

At first he did not realized what actually has happened. After he realized he thought that it would be a game changer for him and indeed it was a game changer. He in an illiterate man who belongs to a very poor family. But he has a religious back ground too so he did not wanted to be part of this business but eventually he modeled and it was change of fate for him.

After him the nation has changed the crush and it was a support staff girl in a TV show and she has caught the eye of public. Her name is Fabiha Shaerazi. The London hotel is a place where you can stay and enjoy the ongoing cricket tournament. Pakistani and south Asians are there in abundance and they hope that any Asian country wins the title.

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