Effects of Names on Personality

Some people are superstitious and believe in many things. They think that they have a fortune or bad luck chasing them which they cannot change and things like that. But the truth is there is nothing like fortune or bad luck. Life is mixture of good and bad things. And these things will come to each and everyone’s life.

Whatever they situation may be you must keep one thing in mind and that is you should always be positive and hopeful about your life. It is not the good or bad times which determine you as a human being. It is the reaction to these bad and good times the way you behave in these times makes you good or bad human.

When we study religion we also know that nothing can change the fortune except one thing and that is prayer. There is a set pattern to life and we must follow that pattern. We are judged by our deeds. No one will be rewarded for being too rich. You will be rewarded how good a human being you are.

How you have been beneficial to the people around you. And whether you was grateful to your Lord or not. Patience and being grateful are the two things in your life. You must always keep two things in your mind. Whether you are patient during your hard times or not. Or whether you are grateful during your good times or not. This is the short examination of your life.

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