A fake peer revealed

A TV host conducted a much needed program. The topic of the show was the fake spiritual healers. And she hired an actress and she performed as a naive lady who has a problem of having no child. She acted in the show just for the sake of illiterate people to show them that they are fake people.

Actress Samia Naz Ne Live Show Me Sabko Shock… by awaizpppp
The story has been covered many times but still people go to these fake peers. They take advantage of ignorance of the common people. The government has not shown any interest in solving this problem. Because the government only takes interest in those thing which help in doing corruption and booming their business.

These are the basic things which the government should solve. And the foundation to the solution of these issue is only one that is the education. The education unfortunately gets the lowest possible budget in Pakistan. And these sort of superstitious believes not only ruins us in this world bus also in the world hereafter.

They not only take money from ignorant people but they also take other advantages. Especially from woman who go to them for their problems related to married life the in laws issues and sometimes for not having a child. The last case is perfect and most emotional thing which a woman has to experience in Pakistani society.

She is taunted and disrespected if she does not have a child after marriage. And this is because of ignorance people do not know that there is a chance for men to have infertility problem.

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