Hamid Mir and Absar Alam

It was General Musharraf a dictator who laid the foundation of free media in Pakistan. He allowed the private channels to operate in Pakistan. With media his own government had to suffer ultimately but what he sowed is reaping fruits slowly for the people of Pakistan.
But as there are benefits of anythings there are some harmful effects also. Media is basically out of control and there was no regulatory authority in Pakistan. A media regulatory authority was established with the name of PEMRA. The authority was formed after the consensus of the political parties and journalists.

Absar Alam is the current chairman of PEMRA and he has faced so much criticism about some of his decisions. Absar Alam purely defends those decisions and says that he has the reasons and court has given verdict against those convicted by PEMRA.

Hamid Mir was also present in the show of Asma Sherazi. And Absar Alam was also invited there. It was his first appearance on a TV after being appointed as chairman PEMRA. So he had the chance of clearing so many things. Absar Alam said that whatever he has done was according to the rules and regulations laid down by the parliament for the PEMRA.

And if there are certain things which the journalists do not like they must go to the court or national assembly. Hamid Mir criticized the sitting government for using their influence and creating intervention in the daily business of PEMRA. And he also said that PMLN is making PEMRA a controversial authority by using it in their own favor.

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