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New York: Karan Johar has shifted the Dharma Studios from Bandra to Andheri which is the hub of Bollywood. Karan was too emotional on the day he left his old office. The new one is big and it has one of the best interiors with Karan’s memories hanging on the walls of his new office.

Karan told the media that he was really upset about leaving his old office. He said that he cried and could not continue his speech. He said that he had to take a glass of water to finish his three minutes speech.

The reason Karan left his old Dharma Productions office in Bandara was space. He said that Dharma Productions was getting bigger and bigger and to accommodate it all he needed a big space and that was not possible to afford for him in Bandra.

Yes, Karan Johar could not afford that much space in Bandra because of the prices. He said that he had to sell himself to buy this much bigger space in Bandra which he owns in Andheri now. The prices in Bandra are huge when it comes to owning a piece of land. Karan said that he misses that place. He spent 16 years there and it was hard to leave it but he had to leave it.

This is the latest trend which the Bollywood is learning from west to make anything controversial and it will blow away everything. And yes they are right this happens and works every time.

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