What happened between Imran Khan and Shahrukh khan

People around the world are fan of Shahrukh Khan. And it turns out to be that Shahrukh Khan is fan of a Pakistani legend Imran Khan. He has shared an interesting incident with Hamid Mir of Imran Khan and told that what happened there almost 20 years ago. It was Pakistan playing India in India at their home ground for series.

And Pakistan was in all sorts of trouble when Imran Khan went off to batting. Unfortunately Imran Khan got out too and he had to turn back to the pavilion. While he was coming back Shahrukh Khan stood in the way just to get an autograph and he was thinking that Imran Khan would give him respect.

Imran Khan as we know was a passionate cricketer and he was very angry young man during his playing days. So he was coming back after getting out with the team in all sorts of bother. And Shahrukh Khan who was not that kind of a star at that time came in his way and asked for an autograph.

Imran Khan scolded him and shunned him in a loud and angry voice. Shahrukh was not expecting that at all. And after many years he told Imran Khan about that incident and they laughed about it. Imran Khan is not only star in Pakistan but he is a much bigger star in India. And one thing we should give credit to the Indians and that is they love celebrities without keeping in mind their nationality.

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