What happened at Lal Masjid

Many people believe that the Lal Masjid operation in Islamabad was the real reason of downfall of Musharraf. People still think that the Military killed so many children and girls there and before they let media in they cleared everything. And there are still some people who support the Cleric Abdul Aziz.

It was a simple dispute of Land but the Imam Molana Abdul Aziz made it a war. They started demanding the implementation of Sharia Law. And they in fact took matters into their own hands. They attacked few massage centers and abducted Police official and things like that.

So they basically asked the government to take tough action against them. Musharraf tried to give them options and the politicians too went in there and asked the brothers to surrender. But they were using the children and girls as a human shield. And such a shameful thing when one of the clerics Molana Abdul Aziz was caught fleeing the scene in Burqa.

And salute to our Judicial system that Molana is once again Immam at the same mosque. People think that military did things which they have hidden from common people. It was basically these Clerics who used the innocent girls as shield and cowardly they hid behind them.

Whatever Musharraf did was the duty of the state if they had differences they must have left the country. They were sitting in the Capital and from there they were tried to take control of the whole country. This could not have been allowed at any cost.

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