What is happening during a raid by Police

In Karachi the Police raided a building and this was a surprise to residents of a house. They were running a place which is a crime in Pakistan. When they came to know that police was at their door step they were left with two simple choices.

Either to stay there in the room and get arrested. And later on the Police would have charged them with some clauses of PPC and these were very rare chances. The main chance was the black mailing by the police and if there was a media team with the police things would go much worst.

Karachi Mein Fahashi Ke Addey Par FIA Ka Chaapa… by casanova-faru
And there was another option also available. And that option was to jump off the window down on to the street and it was a brave thing to do. Nevertheless it was not easy as girls are not use to of such kind of things. And they are not very agile and athletic.

And there was another problem and that was the window opened in a bazar and everyone was standing there knowing that Police was in the building. So there was a risk that people will catch them. And hand them over to the Police. But they was also a chance that they will flee successfully so it was worth taking a risk.

Someone close by made a video of the whole scene and there were at least 20 girls who jumped off the balcony. Police did not knew that they were running from the other side. And no one in the street even tried to stop them.

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