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Daniyal Aziz has made a name of himself in the past four to five years. He once spoke against Nawaz Sharif and showed his corruption and supported Musharraf and now when tides have changed he is once again grasping the opportunity to remain in the government and he is doing it pretty handsomely at some cost and that cost is the respect which he has lost.

You will see Daniyal Aziz in every show and he will be fighting either with their counter parts or he will be fighting with the show hosts. The other days he fought with the Ejab Chaudhary the PTI leader from Punjab. He was accusing Imran Khan for being an agent of Jews.

Ejaz Chaudhry kept quiet but unfortunately he could not control his emotions and responded in the same manner of Daniyal Aziz. He called him son of a Jewish lady. And this is a fact the mother of Daniyal Aziz was a Jew and he should be careful before throwing stones and people he should be careful about himself.

PTI is on the front foot and has really pushed Nawaz Sharif against the wall. And it will be soon that PTI will reap the fruits of their struggle. They have launched a massive campaign against the Shairfs and corruption.

Nawaz Sharif is in deep trouble now and they have started accusing the Establishment for everything now. When they cannot give the answers to the questions posed by the JIT they are now accusing it.

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