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London: Today it was first formal hearing of Panama Paper case after submission of JIT. And it seems that the court has restarted the case once again. The PTI lawyer Naeem Bukhari and Jamat e Islami Lawyer concluded their arguments on the report of JIT.

Meanwhile the PMLN has submitted their list of objections upon the JIT report and they are saying that the JIT is biased and the report is not complete. Only time will tell what happens but the Judges have today said that they will decide the case and it will not be referred to anyone else.

It seems that the PMLN will go to any level to defend Prime Minister while the Prime Minister seems to become something sacred. The way PMLN is fighting the case they are making this as a fight of democracy and yet the only thing which they care is their own personal benefit.

And it seems that the court is not giving anyone any kind of favor. The Experts have said that there is a chance the Court might disqualify the Prime Minister and there is another chance that they might ECP might be referred by the Supreme Court to make a decision on the matter.

It seems that with this see saw going between Court and JIT and now from Court to NAB or election commission we are not going to get anything. And Nawaz Sharif will complete his tenure. And in the next elections he might once again win with overwhelming majority.

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