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London: Internet is a source of some serious entertainment. You will see all kind of videos and things coming out of every part of the world. The videos become viral and people like it and share it. And somehow these videos end up from one corner of the world to another corner of the world.

In such a video coming out of China a man caught his wife with someone. That is a pretty common phenomenon around the world but the video is very interesting in a way that he published it online. He was only trying to catch the face of his wife and that man.

And if we think it seems that he was only trying to show her face. It seems that he knew this already and wanted to get rid of her. And he was eying for a golden moment like this. The moment arrived and he was collecting the proof.

This is a worst thing which you can do as a life partner to cheat you wife or husband. The vows which you took with each other in front of all the people and you should have kept those promises. But if you cheat you loved one and get caught you cannot explain yourself.

The man did not harm the girl or the boy he was only filming that. That was enough for the humiliation. And that was enough for the relationship. The cheater might not live together as well.

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