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London: There are chances that Imran Khan might win the next elections if Nawaz Sharif is disqualified. Imran Khan has shown that he has the persistence for his mission and he will never back down from what he decides to do. But that does not mean that the people of Pakistan still love him and want him as PM.

The only reason if Imran Khan loses the next elections from this point will be that he has welcomed all the old members of other political parties who doesn’t seem to have any future in their own political party or they thought that in future there is a huge chance that PTI might win the elections.

Imran Khan is welcoming everyone without even considering his past and his affiliation and his record. He only wants to be PM of Pakistan and that is the only thing which Imran Khan wants. He had opportunity of changing a province and it was a perfect chance to show people that he can change the fortune of whole country.

But Imran Khan failed in doing that and he not only failed but he could not make his promise fulfilled or bringing any sort of change at all. And he not only failed but did opposite of what people expected of him. But he is still proving to be a blessing for Pakistani people as he is the only hurdle in the way of corrupt political mafia of Pakistan.

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