How to disappear from the internet

There can be numerous possibilities of reasons for a person wanting to exit the world of the internet. Privacy, security and legal issues are common reasons for such a decision. Are you.for some reason, ready to get off the internet? Is it possible? Well, yes it is, but it may not be as easy as one would think it to be. You can try the following steps to make minimize your appearance on the internet by a great level.

First and foremost, delete your pages and profiles from shopping and social networking sites. Most social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter keep your profiles intact even if you don’t use them for long. Same is the case with shopping sites. Google is your friend, seek your friend!

Next up, you’ve got to remove all traces of information you have had stored on data collection sites. Sometimes we sign up for sites that offer certain services and then don’t log in for long periods of times. What we can do now is to head over to each such site individually and get our info deleted or removed. There are also somesoftwares that offer automation of such deletion services.

We’re not done yet, because there are public sites and public lists that contain directories of names and phone numbers. We can talk to our national phone authorities or national internet service providing authorities and request for the removal of our names from all public lists. If our info is on some private websites, there is little we can do except report the pages to search engines who will then remove those pages from search results.

Last but not the least, and the most important step, remove and delete each and every email account that you have owned and used under your name. All good email service providers include options in the security panel of the settings option to remove or delete a particular email account. In most cases, to get our email accounts removed, we have to remember personal info like secret questions and passwords.

The most important quality required to go through this process is ‘patience’. Don’t expect the process to be completed over night. And remember, there will turn out in front of you many things that you wont be able to remove. So be calm and be patient and keep yourself alert.

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