Hum TV Drama

Hum TV specializes in making some of the best Dramas in private production. And they have chosen some of the topics which are rarely discussed in our society. Credit goes to the Hum TV for taking up the challenge and talking about these issue.

Although this has not been easy for the TV to show these Dramas and PEMRA has issued them notices on several occasions but they have still shown those Dramas. A TV drama on the cases of incest was launched and it was a sensitive topic.

The Drama was first of its kind and people protested against it at the start and thought that this was a cheap way to get viewers to watch the TV. But as the Drama progressed people started realizing that the issue raised is really an issue of our society. And people who were opposing the Drama in the end praised the team and crew for such a master piece.
But there is another Drama on Hum TV which is certainly not the issue of Pakistani society. And it is certainly not the issue of Human race either. Some people with strange orientations have overtaken the world. And as we know now a day anyone who speaks for sanity will be called an extremist.

And if you speak for filthy things and those things which were considered as unethical and unacceptable they will be liked by everyone. These things attract more audience and commercialism is the religion of this world now.

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