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Nawaz Sharif is ready to resign at last. The senior party members have said that they cannot allow Nawaz Sharif to continue and just before the report submission of the JIT Nawaz Sharif will resign and that will be it for the government of the PMLN. They will resign and a care taker PM and cabinet will be established.

This will be a survival step from Nawaz Sharif because they want to disqualify him and if he himself resigns and breaks the assemblies this will be it and everything will be fair and square once again. Pakistani people are ready for the next elections and we will have to see whether the case of Panama paper has caused some damage to Nawaz Sharif or not.

Keeping in mind the past history of Pakistani people it is highly unlikely that the Panama paper might affect the outcome of election in the next phase. People of Punjab are more than happy to given Sharif family yet another chance because whatever they case maybe things are far better than what they are in other provinces of Pakistan.

Even in KPK the PTI has not managed to impress people and in the future elections there is very rare chance the PTI might take the lead in the elections. Meanwhile the Sindh is always of PPP and it is destroyed by the PPP. Baluchistan in in the hands of the Baluch sardars and we cannot hope any betterment over there.

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