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Today the PMLN and lawyers of Nawaz Sharif submitted their objections in the Supreme Court and the bench of the Supreme Court is hearing the case once again now. The case will be followed once again day by day. The new case is now recognized as Implementation of the Panama paper case.

The SECP Chairman has been booked under law and this will be an example for all those head of the institutions who think that by fulfilling their loyalties with Sharif family they will get good future. These people should know that they are servants of the people of Pakistan not to some corrupt family.

When we look at the case and report the Judges said that they can publish the tenth part of the JIT report and they will make this case transparent and crystal clear. Nawaz Sharif and his goons know that they have no chance of survival now and they have now started a negative campaign against the JIT and indirectly with the judiciary and Pakistan army.

PMLN leaders and spokes persons are showing as it everything is done by the Pakistan army and some people are actually falling to this. Pakistan army is very quiet and silent on the matter till now. They have not responded to any allegation put by the PMLN leaders. Now the court will look into the objections and decide whether there is something true in these allegations of not.

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