ICC Champions Trophy

No one was even thinking that Pakistan would even qualify for the finals. The major task which Pakistan cricket team faced was to qualify for the champion’s trophy. And no one expected what they did. They were thrashed in the first match by the arch rivals Indians. No one was even expecting that match to be won by Pakistan and they did not only lose but lost by a huge margin.

And that was it for the campaign for the ICC champion trophy for the Pakistan cricket team. But the new team and Captain had other ideas in their minds. They had nothing to lose and they were cornered tigers like they were in the year 1992.

If they had to qualify they had no chance of losing a match and the opponents were gigantic. But nothing mattered Pakistani team thrashed the Indians in the finals. They first beat South Africa and people said that the rain saved Pakistan.

After that they managed to cross the line against Sri Lanka and people said that this was also a co incident. But he way they thrashed England who were favorites to win the trophy was something huge. And people knew that we would now face India in the finals.

The huge total on board people were still thinking that India would chase it or give it a competition. But there was no match to the invisible Pakistan cricket team. They thrashed Indians in the ICC champions trophy final and nothing can be as big as that.

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