Imran Khan Bursts on Nawaz Government

Imran Khan is the whistle blower in Pakistan for the corruption in government and the electoral process rigging. Imran Khan not only raised his voice against the rigging in General Elections but now in the elections of senate also he once again was the whistle blower.

The opposition on Imran Khan and his party Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf is making life difficult for the government and the ministers who are pawns for the larger corruption which the king does as in this case The Prime Minister.

Pakistan’s sitting prime minister Nawaz Sharif is sitting in office for the third time and since he took office for the first time his wealth is increasing day by day.

Nawaz Sharif is a business man and his sitting as prime minister is direct conflict of interest. As result we see the institutions falling apart and are paralyzed at the hand off these politicians.

The amount of corruption they have done and the money laundered and has caused the country a great loss. Imran Khan is so critical on them for their lust and greed for power and money.

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The Nawaz government since they have took to office the Amnesty International have declared the corruption level at very high.

It is very strange thing that the amount of corruption and lust for money they have no one can consume that. But it is the hearts of them which are corrupted.

Imran Khan on the other hand have zero level of tolerance for corruption in his government in KPK province and he fired three of his ministers over there in this charge.

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