Imran Khan invites Zulfiqar Mirza into PTI

Imran Khan is on a political tour of Karachi. And here he is meeting some key people. PTI has a very strong support in the Karachi city and after PPP the PTI is the only and real political party which represents the federation. Almost they have representation in every province.

Imran Khan started the day by meeting the local PTI workers and discussed the plans for future. PTI has a very strong chance in the next elections to take a seat or two from Karachi. They have made some mistakes but they can recover by starting the election campaign.

This tour by Imran Khan is in the connection of the political preparation for the next election. After the meeting at the local PTI member’s house he went on to meet the family of Junaid Jamshed. Imran Khan said his condolences to the children and family of Junaid Jamshed.

And there was a big political blast when Imran Khan reached the house of Zulfiqar Mirza. Zulfiqar Mirza does not need any introduction. He was the man who was brave enough to speak against the crimes of MQM. He was disowned by his own party but he did not hesitated from speaking truth.

If he joins the hand of Imran Khan the PTI will have a very strong support in Karachi. Already they have Nabeel Gabool who is almost in the PTI. So having electables with you will help a lot. This is the only way that Imran Khan can come into power.

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