Imran Khan visited the home of Junaid Jamshed

Imran Khan during his visit to Karachi managed time to go to the house of late Junaid Jamshed a religious scholar. This was such a beautiful gesture and it was appreciated by the sons of Junaid Jamshed also. Elder brother of Junaid Jamshed is now taking care of all the matters of Junaid Jamshed now.
After the departure of Imran Khan the media team talked unofficially with the kids of Junaid Jamshed. he has left three sons behind. They are just like him but a bit more shy. When they were asked about the feeling after the visit of Imran Khan they said that it was soothing for them.

It really helps you a lot when you see people visiting your home. And the kind of man Junaid Jamshed was many were flocking there just to offer their respect to the Junaid Jamshed. The death of Junaid Jamshed along with other killed in the air crash made everyone sad.

The investigation is still underway and nothing has been said after that. The main stream media has not stopped taking interest in the air plane crash anymore. They only follow what is breaking and after couple of days they forget everything.

The responsible should be brought before the people and it should be made sure that no one in future dies due to the air crash. These accidents happen but they should not happen and we should at least point out the reasons why it happened. The innocent children have lost their parents and mothers have lost their sons.

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