Indian actress Jeculine Fernandez

Jaculine Fernandez is an Indian star and she is still new but she has already made her name. Some people say that she is from Sri Lanka and she might be but her real recognition is Bollywood. She has done quite a bit movies and has been very successful.
In Bollywood the Heroin very often get a powerful character and most of the times they have sort of a support role. A routine Indian actress role is to meet the hero at some time in the movie. Usually the hero is poor and the heroin is shown rich. She is very arrogant and proud of her father’s money and things like that.

And somehow they meet at some point where she shows the arrogance and she insults the boy. He accepts is as challenge and pranks her and insults her. This becomes a sort of competition and among those pranks something dangerous happens.

The girl falls of a cliff or something happens to her or goons chase her. The hero then enters the scene and saves the life of the heroin and the day ultimately. And then the songs and dancing starts and love is in the air and everywhere.

And then there is the family of the girl and a cruel father. Who locks up her in the room and says that he is not going to marry his girl with a poor man. And on the marriage day hero comes on the horse and makes an emotional speech and saves the day and all is well and end is well.

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