Indians fear ISI

Indians are so much obsessed of Pakistanis and the agencies of Pakistan that they will see ISI everywhere. Whatever happens in India they will blame directly to the ISI and now they have crossed the limits. By taking advantage of our weak foreign policy and by accusing Pakistan for everything this has become their nature now.

That tell us the fear which they have of Pakistan and Pakistani agencies. On the other hand we have a fake face of Indian media which is secular and they make the world to believe that they are secular. Pakistan on the other hand has so many things to tackle that even the direct involvement of the Indian agency is not propagated as the way it should have been.

There is weakness in our foreign policy and our propaganda think tanks are not working the way they should be. The Indians have played so much the ISI card that an item girl during a show accused her opponent of being the agent of ISI.

For many this might be a normal thing but if we look it deeper we will come to know that they have made it their nature to accuse Pakistan. They will teach their children to hate Pakistan and this is what they have been doing for the past many years. On the other hand we are hearing voices that Pakistan should change the policy and things like that. We should protest to our top leadership as much as we can.

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