Islamabad Police raid at party

The year 2016 has ended with some marvelous memories and some very sad moments. But this is life and it carries on like that. As the world has become a global village things are now celebrated globally. Like rest of the world Pakistanis are also celebrating the arrival of new year.
But there are certain things here which re different from the rest of the world. Here the police will not allow loud parties. And drinking is not allowed either. Some teen age kinds will go out for one wheeling. The Islamabad Police raided such place in the city and arrested young boys and girls.

These parties are common in the elite society. The regular middle class will only stick to the TV and spend they day and night. And if they are given a holiday they will probably go to some relatives home and have dinner there. The later class is the real Pakistan.

While the so called elite class is not the true face of Pakistan. They are the followers of western culture. Pakistan is a developing country and like rest of the world people are obsessed with the culture of west and they will only copy the apparent culture. The real thing is to follow their true reason for success. The party was busted by the police but nothing will happen police will released them after necessary action. We need to resolve our issues and problems. We should not try to copy but we should learn from them.

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