Javaid Hashmi and Haroon Rasheed

Javaid Hashmi is trying to make a come back by giving few made up statements. He is getting the attention of the media as he is so easily available and he can be manipulated by couple of statements. No one is taking his claims seriously. He is so late even if he is telling truth.
Haroon Rasheed was asked by the host of the show Kamran Shahid about the statement of Javaid Hashmi. He categorically rejected the statement. And haroon Rasheed has some weight in his argument. According to him the Chief was Raheel Sharif and Qamar Javaid Bajwa the current Chief of the Army was the Core Commander of 10 core.

And the name which Javaid Hashmi is taking he was the IG of FC. He had non power to do such kind of thing. And by accusing the ex chief justice he has made yet another blunder. The ex Chief justice has not made decision about Panama leaks, If he has some interest in overthrowing the government of Nawaz Sharif he would have done it this time and legally too.

Everyone in the show disagreed with Javaid Hashmi. And he suddenly came on call and started quoting his statement once again, Kamran Shahid was smiling at his words and he knew that Hashmi has lost his control. Javaid Hashmi seems to be getting illusions of the past. He is patient of mentally disease and this might have effected him mentally in his thinking. We must respect him and try to keep him away from media.

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