Why Javaid Hashmi is against Imran Khan

Javaid Hashmi has suddenly outburstedĀ against Imran Khan and PTI. There is some reason and many think it is PMLN which is asking Javaid Hashmi to say things like that. Javaid Hashmi has practically no politics left but a ticket for the NA of Multan.
The Spokesperson of PTI Fawad Chaudary was asked by a TV anchor about the timing to the statement of Javaid Hashmi. It is unexpected and out of no where. Fawad Chaudary says that this stunt is for the ticket of NA for his daughter because the elections are expected this year.

Fawad Chaudary thinks that Javaid Hashmi has tried this as a political stunt and he has a personal targets. Fawad Chaudry did not ruled out any involvement of the PMLN. Javaid Hashmi was the president of PMLN during the regime of Musharraf and he was being paid by the Nawaz Sharif.

When Nawaz Sharif came back and Javaid Chaudary went in the back ground. And after that Javaid Hashmi joined the PTI. And he became popular and the popularity was because of PTI and not because of him. He has accused Imran Khan of so many things.

Whatever the game is being played the PMLN might be involved in it or not. But Javaid Hashmi is not getting anything out of it but embarrassment. The names which Javaid Hashmi is taking of Chief Justice and The General are already retired. And before this Javaid Hashmi use to say that it was the plot of military and now he is saying that this was plot of judiciary.

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