Jet Engine

A man was sucked into the engine of the Jet. This video is available on YouTube and people think that the video is a real video. But where you will find the video you will also spot couple of other videos as well. They have busted the fake video of man being sucked into the engine of an airplane.

This is almost impossible to think that someone can be sucked into the engine. If it would have been the case we might have seen many incident. And no one actually would have aboded the plane in fear of being sucked into the engine.

The planes have revolutionized the travelling. The places where it use to take days and months to reach are now accessible within matter of few hours. While travelling is easy in airplanes the risk is also higher. So many planes have crashed and each time there is a different reason for the plane crash.

Basically there are there causes of the plane crashing. One is the human error which results in the plane crash. Second reason is the technical malfunction of the machinery or anything suddenly in the air. And the third thing is the weather and any other external factor.

But despite all of the accidents people are still not reluctant to travel through air as there is no other possible way. Gradually they are making sure more and more safety in the traveling through airplanes.

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