The Judicial Martial law

A deal was made between the PTI Chief and the Chief Justice of Supreme Court. According to that deal the 90 days Judicial Martial law will be imposed and during those 90 days the elections will be conducted and Imran Khan will win and they will be the ruling party.
This is what Javaid Hashmi has revealed in his latest appearance on the TV talk show. Javaid Hashmi left Imran Khan and PTI on the night when PTI workers broke into the Red Zone. Javaid Hashmi was president of the party at that time. When he joined the party everyone was very happy for him.

He could not handle the pressure at that time and left the PTI and Imran Khan. That was a very bad scene for the PTI and Imran Khan. But somehow that passed away and later on when Javaid Hashmi resigned and elections were held at his constituency he was defeated by the PTI candidate.

Javaid Hashmi has not stopped his propaganda against the PTI. He has accused Imran Khan of many things and no body now takes him seriously. Javaid Hashmi had a past and he was know as traitor. He stood firm against dictators during all of his political life.

But the way he is behaving now no one is standing with him. Javaid Hashmi is not welcomed back iin PMLN and already left the PTI. He has no apparent political future. And he makes these statements just to create bit of excitement in his life.

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