Kamran Shahid conducts a very sensitive show

Kamran Shahid showed a footage of a fake peer in the start of his show. We can see that in that footage a fake peer asked women to lie down on his bed. And he used their belief to take advantage. He is also recording whatever is happening.

After that he use to put a amulet under the back of a women. and after that what happened everyone knows. And that is not possible to show on the TV. That peer was caught by the media team and the local people living in that area did not do anything against him.

They also did not reported anything against him. He says that he stopped doing this stuff in the last year. He says that he was very ashamed for what he is been doing. But what about the footage which he has been making and using this to blackmail the women.

This is the shameful face of our society in which ignorance forces a weak woman to become the prey of wishes of others. Whatever these women did was under the pressure of their family and the wishes of husbands to have a child. The science and religion both negate what is being practiced in our society.

Fortunately a media team’s member came to know about this man and they by conducting a sting operation arrested him. There are many like him in every street and town of our society. And this is due to our weak conviction in Almighty.

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