Kangna leaked the video of Hiritik Roshan

Hiritik Roshan has been on the top of the list of handsome men of the Asia. And someone dating with him must feel proud. But Kangna herself is a very attractive and pretty lady so they had something going on between them until things got bad and they have to separate.
No one knew how it all started and no one knew how it ended. But they went on legal war against each other on the media and sent legal notices to each other. And when things got more hot Kangna blasted away and she released the video of Hiritik Roshan and herself.

This pretty well explains the kind of relationship they have. And all the accusations of Kangna against Hiritik stand correct as for now. This is not hard to believe after watching this video and snaps which have been shared by Kangna that they were pretty close to each other.

For Bollywood this is not something new. And in fact for the film industry in the world this is not something new. It is the controversy and leaked videos which make you rich and famous. We can name numerous stars of the Hollywood and Kim Kardashian is a prime example of it.

In Bollywood things does not work the way these leaked videos work in Hollywood. Here it can crash your career at once. People think very high of the film artists in India and they love them as gods. Even in parts of India they announce leave on the release of a new movie.

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