Karachi private clinics

Donald Trump won the elections and he will be next president of US. But there are many things which people do not like about him. And banning abortion is one of those issues. But right across the globe what is happening in the Pakistani city of Karachi.
The doctors are actually providing this service to girls in their private clinics and no one knows what actually happens there. A media team took this subject as challenge and they took out on the streets to look for those clinics which provide these facilities.

These are few clinics where the doctors come at evening. They perform abortions and they do not have the proper facility nor they are registered and everything happening there is illegal. They charge a lot of money to the women and girls who come there.

There are no laws and no ways to stop this from happening. People commit sin and to hide that sin they go to extreme levels. And then there are people who help them hiding things by providing them the facility. Police do not take interest in these things and society will never think about the real social problems.

We should look into the matter why this is happening. We must stop this from happening. The girls should be given proper counseling in the colleges so that they stay away from things like that. And that is the only prevention if we want to stop this killing. We live in a modest Islamic country and these stories are a shame for us.

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