Kashmala Tariq and Khwaja Asif caught at Morgans Hotel

Kashmala Tariq and Khawja Asif are PMLN members and there have been rumors about Khwaja Asif and Kashmala Tariq’s involvement with each other. They have denied any kind of attachment and involvement with each other but the opponents have gone to the level of even congratulated them in case they have got married.

Kashmala Tariq and Khwaja Asif spend few days at the Morgans Hotel New York. Few people who have stayed at the hotel have expressed their concerns over the small rooms and small bath rooms. They were not pleased with the interior as well.

Khwaja Asif and Kashmala Tariq spent two days there and they were spotted a lot going in and going out of the hotel. The location of the hotel is ideal as it is pretty close to the Times Square and central station.

Kashmala tariq came into politics in the era of Musharraf. And she along with Marvi Memon were brought into the politics by a dictator. Now they have left the party of Musharraf which was PMLQ and have joined PMLN. There are quite a few faces in Pakistani politics who keep on switching parties.

And there are few political parties who keep on sitting in government. Whether it is government of PPP or it is government of PMLN or PMLQ. MQM and JUI are two parties of that kind. The scandals of the politicians have a very long list. And they should be made public so that people should know what kind of character they possess.

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