The latest Model of Honda in Pakistan

The Honda seems to have lose its interest in the Pakistani market. A Pakistani who just bought the latest Honda model has shared his experience and according to him there are many things which need improvement. According tho the man the Honda has not made him satisfied.
As per the review of his the outer look of the Car is pretty good. There is nothing much to criticize. The design is super awesome and there is a sporty look into this vehicle. Just for the curiosity of people the price announced is 3 Million Rupees. And for that much amount you should be satisfied at least with the outer look.

The inside however is pretty much disappointing. There is a gap between the Door and the body. The gap was readjusted after the customer complained about it to the show room they fixed it for him. But the finishing is so bad that he was very sad after buying it. It is time that Pakistanis stop purchasing Honda as they are not giving a quality product to the customers here.

When you inspect the trunk of the car you will see that there the joints of the body are very poorly done. There is some kind of filling at the joints and it looks like an accidented car which was later on repaired by the body shop. Same is the case with the electrical wiring. These wires are hanging out and there is no covering. It looks like everything was done in hurry.

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