Leaked video of news caster

The support and technical staff of any TV channel should be given a code of conduct. As there are certain things which are not appropriate for being made public and certain things which have scenes in them which shall not be allowed to leak.

But we have seen that these technical staff and support staff used these sort of things to blackmail their employers or those directly in these videos. Sometimes a cheap tactic is used to become famous and we know some of the big names in Hollywood and around the world who have done this.

Most of the times the video leaked of any female anchor will make news and headlines. A news caster has done exactly that and she has intentionally leaked her video. The video was leaked on the social media and people are going crazy over it. What this does is make her famous and the second thing is only few news caster catch the eye of the public.

So this was an attempt to do just that. And as people are going crazy over this leaked video those behind this leaking should be banned. And if unfortunately she is not behind it a proper investigation must be carried out to arrest those behind this.

Cyber Crime laws are made just to deal with these kind of things. And the motive if done by consent of the lady will be difficult to determine. The court in Pakistan does not deal these kind of cases.

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